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In any divorce involving children, child custody and custody-related issues are almost always the most divisive. To ensure that both parents are active in their child’s life, it is crucial to come up with a parenting plan that protects the rights of both parents and is in the best interest of the children.

I, attorney Steven J. Gilpatrick, have been helping mothers and fathers pursue their rights for more than 20 years. Representing clients throughout the Florida Panhandle, I am committed to making sure that children do not suffer from the negativity that divorce often generates.

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The Parenting Plan

Family law in Florida requires a joint custody parenting plan as part of any divorce settlement involving children. Most counties have a generic plan that serves as a guide or foundation, leaving the more specific elements to be determined as part of an uncontested divorce settlement or a litigated divorce.

Parents have a much better chance of modifying the “boilerplate” plans presented by the counties as part of a broader agreement in an uncontested divorce than they do during divorce litigation. Judges tend to trust that if both parents can reach an agreement, they will be in a better position to honor it and make it work.

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