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While child custody issues are often very divisive in the setting of a divorce case, relocation issues can be even more problematic. Whether you are seeking to relocate with your child or prevent the relocation of your child, you can rely on me, divorce lawyer Steven J. Gilpatrick, to protect your rights and your relationship with your child.

I have been litigating custody cases for most of my career, not only as a private family law attorney but also as a court-appointed advocate for children and an attorney for the Florida Department of Children and Families. I understand the pitfalls that parents often encounter when trying to maintain custody of their children.

I look forward to answering your questions regarding child relocation. Call my firm today at 850-651-4488 for a consultation.

New Relocation and Move-Away Laws

Over the past few years, new laws have been put in place regarding relocation, as this is a critical issue in civilian and military divorce. A parent seeking to relocate must provide very specific notice requirements to the court and to the other parent. The non-relocating parent will have an opportunity to object to the petition, which will occur at a scheduled hearing in which the court will examine all factors in the case.

To relocate, a parent must have the express written permission of the other parent or the court’s permission. Among the factors that will be examined are:

  • Will the relocation have an impact on the child’s relationship with the other parent?
  • Why is the parent seeking to relocate?
  • What kind of relationship does the child have with each parent?

There are severe ramifications for relocating without permission or following the set timeline for providing notices. Whether you are looking to relocate or prevent a relocation, I can help you make sure you are following the proper process.

Fort Walton Beach Child Relocation Attorney

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