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Shalimar, Florida, Post-Divorce Modification Lawyer

Fort Walton Beach, FL Child Custody Modification Attorney

Even the most equitable divorce settlements may not sufficiently account for your financial situation or relationship with your child if your circumstances have changed since the divorce was finalized. If your disposable income has diminished since your divorce settlement, the child support payments you initially agreed upon can become financially crippling. Likewise, if you are the primary caregiver for your child and health or child care expenses have increased, the additional financial burden can be unmanageable. In these cases, post-divorce modification may be the only way to make sure that both parents are contributing to the welfare of their child according to their means.

My firm helps clients with a wide array of post-divorce modification issues, from readjusting child and spousal support payments to helping a parent relocate while maintaining contact with their child. I have helped ex-spouses adapt their divorce settlements to their changing circumstances for years, and can draw from my depth of knowledge as a former attorney for Florida’s Department of Children and Families when handling your case. Contact my firm today to speak about your post-divorce modification issue.

I help clients with a broad range of post-divorce modification issues, including:

  • Relocation support
  • Child support readjustment
  • Custody modification or visitation
  • Cessation of spousal support
  • Alimony modification

Divorce is meant to be a new beginning for both spouses, but it can be hard to get a fresh start when you are overly financially burdened or lose access to your child because of the terms of your divorce settlement. Contact Steven J. Gilpatrick to learn more about what he can do for your post-divorce modification case.