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Fort Walton Beach Child Custody Lawyer for Unmarried Parents

Shalimar, Florida, Parents’ Rights Attorney

While most people think of child custody, visitation and child support as issues pertaining to divorce, these are crucial issues for unmarried parents as well. Unmarried parents have the same need to resolve these issues to have a strong relationship with their children after their own relationship ends.

For more than 20 years I, attorney Steven J. Gilpatrick, have been representing mothers and fathers in family law cases involving children. My past experience working for the Florida Department of Children and Families is extremely valuable and I am committed to obtaining outcomes that are in the best interest of children.

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Shared Parenting for Unmarried Parents

Much like in a divorce, unmarried parents need to come up with a shared parenting plan. Before that process can begin, paternity must be established. If there is a question of paternity, I can help you resolve that and then help you with a whole host of children’s issues, such as:

Much like in a divorce, agreements that are reached through collaboration in an amicable fashion are much more likely to persevere than agreements enforced through litigation.

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